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Edge Stoves offers a dedicated chimney sweep service across Stroud. Regular sweeping forms an essential part of keeping your house warm, allowing your chimneys and lined flues to operate actively and perform to their highest capabilities.  We oversee reparation projects with clarity, working to a standard that seamlessly integrates what we do with what you require and delegating our practice to ensuring your chimney is meticulously cleaned. Whether you need your stove and liner swept, or intricate work on a large inglenook, our expertise and experience qualify us to attend expertly, leaving your chimney in a position to function without setback.

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We prioritise customising our approach to different models, chimneys and needs, structuring our work to admit high advantages.
●    Fire Prevention: Regular chimney sweeping removes accumulated debris, allowing for increased system efficiency.
●    Improved Efficiency: Sweeping eliminates blockages and obstructions, allowing for better airflow and more efficient combustion.
●    Reduced Smoke and Emissions: Clean chimneys facilitate better combustion, resulting in reduced smoke and emissions.
●    Prolonged Appliance Life: Regular maintenance through chimney sweeping can extend the lifespan of your fireplace or stove by preventing corrosion and damage caused by the accumulation of soot.

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Bookings can be admitted online, over the phone. We respond to all enquiries promptly, delivering advice on the type of service you need. We recommend that chimney sweeping is carried out at least once a year, approved by HETAS, depending upon the appliance and fuel being used. We provide an initial survey to assess your needs, offering our availability as required at your convenience.

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Our costs are competitive, offered through free, no-obligation quotes to tailor our hire price to you. For stove and liner cleaning, prices start from £65, inclusive of VAT, while masonry flue and open fire prices start from £70. Our full price list can be obtained on request, delivered through personalised packages and plans that set out how we plan to care for your needs specifically.

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From pre-project assessment to on-site maintenance, we offer a tailored chimney sweep service that directly meets your requirements. Our adeptness in the area allows us to work on chimneys irrespective of nuance, with trained staff who are adept at attentively applying their technical skills to bespoke projects. Get in touch for an initial consultation to discuss the maintenance of your chimney and how we can help effectively restore your chimney in Stroud.

Phone: 01453703849 Email: 

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Why use a HETAS Registered Installer?

  • Be safe in the knowledge that your installer has been trained and assessed to carry out compliant work.

  • Save both time and money and ensure your appliance works safely and efficiently.

  • Receive a certificate of compliance following completion of the installation                                     Chimney Sweeps

  • A good chimney is essential to the continuing efficient and safe operation of all solid fuel burning heating and cooking appliances. HETAS recommends that chimney sweeping is best carried out by a HETAS Approved Sweep at least once a year, depending upon the appliance and fuel being used.

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For a free no obligation quote please contact us via email or gives our friendly staff a call. We will book you in for a site survey to see what we can do to get you what you want.

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